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Relative Clauses Relative clauses also known as adjective or attributive clauses are a type of complex sentence in English grammar The two main types are. Let us that of relative clauses.

There are two types of relative clause restrictive or defining relative clauses and non-restrictive or non-defining relative clauses The difference between them is as follows A restrictive relative clause provides essential information about the noun to which it refers.

There are two kinds of relative clause 1 We use relative clauses to make clear which person or thing we are talking about Marie Curie is the woman who. A relative clause is a postmodifier--that is it follows the noun or noun phrase it modifies Relative clauses are traditionally divided into two types.

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We use 'whom' when it does not refer to the subject of the sentence but the object There are two types of.

In this chapter we learn about another kind of dependent clause the relative clause There are two kinds of relative clauses The first that we'll. This type of clause is more common in written English.

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There are two types of relative clause one type refers to a noun or noun phrase these are defining and non-defining relative clauses and the other type refers to a whole sentence or clause especially in speaking.

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