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These standards apply to all Places of Worship and Religious Services, and all services and activities including regular and holiday services, weddings, funerals, wakes, support group meetings, and other related gatherings.

Face coverings are strongly encouraged in other circumstances, and employers can implement additional face covering requirements in fulfilling their obligation to provide workers with a safe and healthful workplace.

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The joint ministerial decree was in part a response to attacks on unregistered houses of worship.

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This office brings together faith communities, nonprofits, business leaders, state and local governments to recognize and implement best practices in our shared goal to make life better for every Tennessean.

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While it is my view that RFRA is unconstitutional at many levels, there is no debate that Boerne held at the least that the federal government could not burden the states with the extreme religious liberty standard contained in RFRA.

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Across the country, lawsuits have mounted as houses of worship fight back against restrictions limiting how many people can gather for services, as states try to protect residents from the coronavirus pandemic.

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