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We may collect personally identifiable information, which may include your name, job title, organization, email address, mailing address and telephone number. Obstructive sleep apnea and oxygen therapy: A systematic review of the literature and metaanalysis.

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Kansas law requires the person building or selling a previously unoccupied new residential structure which is a single family or multifamily unit of four units. Individuals who previously participated in a survey on headache, sleep and mood problems were excluded.

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Individual PSQI component scores and global scores were significantly lower for good sleepers compared to poor sleepers.

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More precisely, it refers to the processes that individuals use in considering the potential benefits, harms, costs, limitations, and inconvenience of the therapeutic or preventive measures in relation to one another.

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Initial inspection of associations between AIS and clinical interview reports found that a number of respondents denied having any sleep problems in the clinical reappraisal interviews despite reporting sleep problems in the AIS.

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Whether you are wanting an evaluation to help determine your diagnosis to aid treatment or you need an evaluation for other purposes we will work with you in a caring, compassionate, and confidential manner.

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